Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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Name :
Network Scanner
Version :
2.3.9 build (59)
Date :

File Size :
3.1 Mb
Category :
Android Apps
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26 Download
Description :
Requires Android : 3.0 and up
The program displays the IP and MAC addresses, the names of the hosts on the your local network. Also there is a built-in port scanner (tcp) and small auxiliary tools.
Key features:
-Check hosts over a range of possible addresses in the network.
-Function Vendor by mac lookup displays network equipment manufacturer.
-Flexible Setting the number of passes and timeouts network scanner to achieve ballansa between speed and reliability display.
-Ability To manually adjust the resolver names.
-Getting IP, MAC addresses and host names can be copied to the clipboard.
-You Can specify a range of port numbers, scanned port scanner.
-Port scanner recognizes all registered services.
-Intelligent scanning function of the scanner port (bust only registered ports).
-Full Base port numbers and their descriptions.

Additional features:
-Built IP calculator
-Built DNS resolver


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