Friday, 19 January 2018

Download Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge (Unreleased) Android Games

Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge (Unreleased) Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge (Unreleased)

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Name :
Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge (Unreleased)
Version :
1.1 Modded Money
Date :

File Size :
5.87 Mb
Category :
Android Games
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7 Download
Description :
Requires Android : 4.1 and up
FEATURES of Overdrive - Ninja Shadow Revenge game:
- Tutorial for newbie makes sure every player can know how to play
- Playable OFFLINE
- Smooth game control experience
- Discover poweful combos in each weapon, make game full of fun and suprising.
- Upgrade, customize & equip your hero with epic weapons & armor suits and more!
- Ultra-stunning scifi graphic & effect
- Giant boss with unique attack.

FIGHTING of Overdrive game:
- The screen’ll locked when enemies appear in the screen & you need to destroy numerous waves of enemies to continue going ahead.
- Using avoiding skills to survive? Killing enemies madly?
- Exploting traps & platforms to kill them?
- There are many strategies to handle them.

- Not only combat but also challenge your self to complete each level with many dangerous platforms.

- Using different weapons ( Sword, Buster Sword, Spear,...) with their perfect combos bring unforgetable hack and slash game experience.
- Players can pick their best weapons and also upgrade weapons to unlock new stronger combos.

- Amazing scifi high quality graphic makes sure you will be suprised.
- It’s 2 available modes to set suitable graphic for your phone.

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