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Photo Diary (Paid) Photo Diary (Paid)

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Photo Diary (Paid)
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Android Apps
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Requires Android : 4.0 and up
(1) Password security program.
(2) Display calendar and photos.
(3) Shows the date count (Day Countdown).
(4) Calendar WeekNumbers display.
(5) Share button.
(6) The number of pictures to be saved is unlimited.
(7) Automatically search for photos button.
(8) Click image to save to album.
(9) Read-only mode (guest browsing).

(1) Select a specific date or today (default).
(2) Press the buttons in the lower right corner: Assign the record number.
(3) Click the top right / outer button: Select an album photo or Take a photo.
(4) Adjust the photo storage range.
(5) Click the SAVE or "X" button: to save the photo or delete the photo.
(6) Click the top button: share photo.

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