Friday, 19 January 2018

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Pocket Spy Sound Recorder Pocket Spy Sound Recorder

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Name :
Pocket Spy Sound Recorder
Version :
1.11.1 (Paid)
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1.67 Mb
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Android Apps
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21 Download
Description :
Requires Android : 4.0.3 and up
Pocket Spy Sound Recorder is a hidden sound recording app that allows you to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a powerful listening device, unnoticeable to the people in your surrounding. It is a perfect tool for collection of evidence or investigative journalism. The whole purpose of the app is to secretly record the sound while keeping your device fully usable in the process.
When the app launcher icon is clicked, it launches a process in the background, which immediately starts recording all the sounds within the vicinity of your device's microphone. All that you receive in terms of feedback is a subtle message on the screen that says "Started", which is there to reassure you that the sound recording process has indeed started. This message disappears almost as soon as it has appeared, so it has fewer chances of being noticed by any third party. At the same time, a notification titled "Voicemail" appears on Android notification bar, so anyone who will be looking at the screen of your device will not think that something is out of place.

Some minor issues have been fixed.

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